“47 Meters Down” full of heart-stopping drama


Carina Sanchez

When most girls get out of a relationship, we act like a stereotype depressed person and lay in bed all day, watching TV, eating junk food, and crying. After Lisa went through a break-up, though, she decided to go scuba diving. She was pleased with her decision until it all went horribly wrong

The girls having no knowledge of scuba diving they still went on the journey. The acting of Mandy Moore (Lisa) was so incredible because although they movie started with little background of the character, the actor showed exactly what the views needed to see. Claire Holt (Kate) was an even even more impressive actor considering she has played many roles in the past couple of few years including, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and much more.

This movie puts most people on the edge of their seats but it is also very confusing when dealing with the plot twist that was given in the end. Still, many people have not had many good experiences when they watched the movie and with the plot it gave out. Still, the actors that were in the movie were very good and showed us emotions that tend to be hard to show.