Check out Sza’s new album


Alani Jones, Reporter

“Have you heard Sza’s new album?” Sza fans all over the world are going crazy for Sza’s new released album, SOS , where her most popular song, “Kill Bill,” is playing everywhere bringing in many fans from all over the world. You may have heard “Kill Bill,” on many platforms like Tik Tok or Instagram. Sza’s album was so popular that it only took 3 weeks for it to have 169 million streams.

Although “Kill Bill,” is a great song and is actually one of my favorites, the album also has many other striving songs from different genres. This album is mostly R&B, but it also contains genres like alt-r&b, rock , melodic rap and gospel. So far my top favorite songs from this album would be mostly B-side tracks like: Love Language,Open Arms, Snooze and Nobody Gets Me

Another song that has been striving from this album is Sza’s song “Shirt”. The song became popular in 2020 when Sza teased it to her fans on Instagram. The song then went all over Tik Tok and had fans begging for it to be released. Even though the song wasn’t supposed to be released it was added to Sza’s comeback album and fans are showing their appreciation through their millions of streams.

SOS has gotten so popular that it became BillBoard’s No.1 album on the top 200 chart and has been No.1 for six consecutive weeks. So if you haven’t listened to Sza’s new album, are you really a Sza fan?