Midnights deserves top-10 slot


Kaylen Sanchez, Reporter

Many people know Taylor Swift for her iconic songwriting and even more for her iconic eras, although her long-awaited album Midnights, took many people by surprise. While her other albums all have one similar element, progression/ moving on, Midnights took a different path and focused on the reflection aspect of her life rather than the reinvention angle.

 When Swift announced the release of her 10th studio album she described it as “The stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life,” and it was. She used her past to sculpt this album and truly capture the feeling of what keeps you up at night. 

Now Midnights was rather ambivalent on the first listen, but it’s one of those things that you have to replay and pay attention to so you can truly appreciate the songs. This can be proven because Midnights has already taken over Billboard’s top 10 in 1 week, being the first ever artist in history to occupy the entire top 10 of the billboard hot 100 also making it the first time to not have a male artist present in the top 10. She truly has shown what she can bring to the industry.

“I believe that she has really shown off her talents and proven that she can really do it all,” freshman Alexa Sanchez said. 

This album is very different from her others although it may seem indifferent for listeners who prefer her albums like Folklore and Evermore which are personally my favorite albums but nonetheless, this album is fun to listen to with its deep, distressing meanings and upbeat tunes. You should also one thousand percent give this a listen if you love 1989, Lover or Reputation. Don’t be alarmed by it’s first impression, give it a few listens before making any decisions — after all, the Billboard top 10 doesn’t lie.