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    Basketball 2020
    It was a successful basketball season for the Bison and Lady Bison, with both varsity teams making the playoffs.
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    Check out the Bison Belles
    The Bison Belles practice constantly, in class and out, to make sure they are prepared and ready to hit the gym floor fo
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    Scenes from the football field
    The Bison football team is working to replicate their playoff run this season and hope to make it even deeper this time
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    Check out cheer!
    The cheerleaders practice every week to be ready for pep rallies as well as two games a week – JV and varsity. Che
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    Scenes from Lady Bison Volleyball
    The Lady Bison volleyball team started workouts in August and are halfway through their district season. With several du
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    Check out the Homecoming pep rally
    Cheerleaders from both campuses performed, along with the Brigade and the Belles, but the highlight of this year’s




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    DIY: Face mask
    Coronavirus has us all going crazy, but there’s no reason to worry about catching the virus; here’s an easy way to k
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    DIY Sugar Scrub
    Being stuck in quarantine doesn’t mean you have to give up on your beauty routines! In fact, it’s a perfect
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    DIY: No-show peek-a-boo patches
    Have a pair of jeans that don’t meet dress code? You don’t have to relegate them to the back of the closet!
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    DIY: Washi Tape Keyboard
    Tired of the same old keyboard? Well say no more, this new fun and creative DIY could spice up your computer or laptop f
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    DIY: Galaxy Painting
    Galaxy paintings are becoming a big thing on popular social media. Many people want to make their own but don’t know h
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    DIY: Acne-clearing facemask
    Everyone has had to deal with acne, but this DIY honey cinnamon nutmeg face mask is the cure for bad skin. Materials: 1

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