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    Spotlight: Amy Sanchez
    Going into high school is not always easy, especially when you are very shy. However, freshman Amy Sanchez is managing t
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    Spotlight: Avery Hardin
    Moving from a small school to a new bigger school isn’t always easy. Getting used to a whole new environment and m
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    Spotlight: Nayeli Ayala
    As she straps on the saddle, she climbs and swings her leg over. After the stressful school week, freshman Nayeli Ayala
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    Spotlight: April Martinez
    Getting the answer wrong will only cost her three points, but junior April Martinez doesn’t like to make mistakes.
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    Spotlight: Iris Valles
    Senior Iris Valles walks through the school doors on her last first day of high school. Her emotions of being a senior w
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    Spotlight: Lu Olvera
    With the community support and family-friendly atmosphere that Buffalo brings, new high school assistant principal Lu Ol

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