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    Student Spotlight: Millie Lane
    “It’s a guest! It’s a guest!” freshman Millie Lane sings in her role as Mrs. Potts in the high school produ
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    Student Spotlight: Sydney Lebel
    In a world full of lies, it can be rare to find someone that believes in being truthful. This is why Junior Sydney Lebel
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    Spotlight: Addison Lathrop
    Freshman Addison Lathrop keeps herself busy being involved in FFA, Student Council and cheerleading, but she lives for s
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    Spotlight: Molli Doss
    Undisturbed and light-hearted, Molli Doss is in her second year of high school and she is “directing” her future tow
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    Spotlight: Jordan Early
    Let´s hear it for the best … B-H-S! Junior Jordan Early is a first-year cheerleader for the Bison. Being able to chee
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    Spotlight: Jennifer Dominguez
    “Good afternoon, my name is Jennifer Dominguez and these are my partners Sonia Martinez and Vanessa Ramirez. This morn

bison scenes

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    Check out the Bison Belles
    The Bison Belles practice constantly, in class and out, to make sure they are prepared and ready to hit the gym floor fo
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    Scenes from the football field
    The Bison football team is working to replicate their playoff run this season and hope to make it even deeper this time
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    Check out cheer!
    The cheerleaders practice every week to be ready for pep rallies as well as two games a week – JV and varsity. Che
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    Scenes from Lady Bison Volleyball
    The Lady Bison volleyball team started workouts in August and are halfway through their district season. With several du
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    Check out the Homecoming pep rally
    Cheerleaders from both campuses performed, along with the Brigade and the Belles, but the highlight of this year’s
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    Scenes from the ball field
    The Bison and Lady Bison teams are into the second half of their seasons, and both are expected to move into the playoff




around the world

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    New black hole expolsion discoveres
    A relatively “recent” event happened in the center of the Milky Way 3.5 million years ago when a supermassive black
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    Second whistleblower comes forward
    A second whistleblower has come forward with information about the president’s communications with Ukraine, adding
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    Dems threaten subpoena
    Three House Democrat committee chairmen are threatening to issue a subpoena for documents in the ongoing battle with the
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    Guyger convicted in shooting
    Amber Guyger, the former Dallas police officer who killed Botham Jean in his apartment last year, received a 10-year s
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    Loughlin pleads not guilty
    Actress Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli are pleading not guilty to charges they took part in a college admis
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    Rolling Stones postpones tour
    Last weekend, fans of the English rock band the Rolling Stones were disappointed after the band announced that it would

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