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    Spotlight: Emma Adams
    Belles! Atten Hut! Forward … march! Left, left, left-right-left. Freshman Emma Adams is a new member of the Bison
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    Spotlight: Mykayla Dennix
    Applying, visiting and interviewing for colleges are all things that seniors think about this time of year. Last Monday,
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    Spotlight: Nic Brown
    Nichalos Brown was being picked up after a long day of school. The only thing on his mind at the moment was the heap of
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    Spotlight: Jorge Castro
    He has a dream that is very clear in his day-dreams: Now introducing rapper… Jorge Castro! “I walk around school
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    Spotlight: Coach Carr
    Rookie mistake! First time teacher and coach Charles Carr made his first big mistake the first day of school. He didn’
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    Spotlight: Trystah Dennix
    “Every day is a new experience; you never know what to expect.”  These are the words freshman Trystah Dennix goes b

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10/20-22 - Journalism TAJE Convention

10/22 - Regional Cross Country

10/23 - Bonfire, 7:00

10/25 - JV Bison @ Mildred

10/26 - Homecoming, 7:30

meet the beat

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    Colby Menefee
    Colby is a junior and is the co-editor for the staff. Last year, Colby swept district with four first-place finishes and
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    Megan Wedhorn
    Megan Wedhorn is a senior and a co-editor for the staff this year. She is a third generation clarinet player and a squad
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    Andrea Garcia
    Senior Andrea Garcia is assistant co-editor of the yearbook staff. Andrea is involved in other organizations at school,
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    Kayleigh Rhodes
    Senior Kayleigh Rhodes is assistant co-editor of the journalism and yearbook staff. Rhodes is involved in many activitie
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    Kaline Martinez
    Sophomore Kaline Martinez is a second- year member of the Journalism staff and yearbook Managing Editor. She is involved
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    Scarlet Carrillo
    Scarlet Carrillo is a sophomore on her second year of journalism staff. She’s involved in Belles, Band, Spanish, FCCLA

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