Belles take top marks at spring competition

The Bison Belles traveled to San Antonio to compete at The Showtime International Dance Contest at Sea World. The Belles received a first class division award and best in class. “It was kind of hard knowing that it was my last time to walk on stage. It was pretty much the first time I've ever been really nervous to be honest” senior Jaylee Hullum said. “I am really going to miss being a Bel

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  • Von Zimmer releases his first album Von Zimmer is an indie rock musician/songwriter in South Dakota. He has been working on music since he was 13 years old. Zimmer played in a
  • The Jungle Book takes on a new look The Jungle Book has come back after almost 50 years, with Walt Disney using live action and incredible computer-generated images to bring a
  • Zootopia is fun for the whole fam     The beautiful city of Zootopia is a place for all type or animals to come together and live. It’s a magical place where being a f
  • Friends is still a hit “We were on a break!” “How you doin’?” If you've heard these phrases, then you are familiar with the Television series Friends. Fo
  • Off the Page is a fantastic sequel The sequel to the book Between the Lines, Off the Page is the life after (Spoiler alert if you haven’t read the first book). Delilah takes
  • Check out Hail, Caesar! for laughs Hail, Caesar! is a comedy that starts out in a church confessional in early 1950’s Hollywood. The story follows Eddie Mannix, the head of
  • Check out Eyes Wide Open Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter is an American singer, songwriter, and actress who was born in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, in 1999. Carpenter ha
  • Miracles from Heaven is a feel-good movie If you’re in the mood for a religious, sweet story, Miracles from Heaven, is a must see. When Christy Beam (played by Jennifer Garner) dis
  • B.A.P changes up its sound South Korean band B.A.P took on a new style with the release of their newest comeback, titled "Feel So Good", on February 21, 2016. This new
  • Empire pits siblings against one another Empire is based on the daily lives of a celebrity family. In the first season, after being  diagnosed with ALS, music producer Lucious Lyon
  • The ultimate showdown on the big screen After years and years of arguing about whether Superman or Batman are better, production copies put their heads together and made the movie
  • The Choice is a perfect romantic film Nicholas Sparks produced another hit with The Choice, which is the average love story but showcases how choices affect life for years to com
  • Daddy's Home full of laughs As someone who is not too fond of Will Ferrell, it’s hard to believe that I actually enjoyed his role in Daddy’s Home. Ferrell brought h
  • Pitbulls and Parolees offers second chances Pit Bulls and Parolees is an American reality television series on Animal Planet about a pit bull rescue in Louisiana. Since the release of
  • Fuller House a huge hit If you loved Full House you will love Fuller House. The show picks up 20 years later with Danny Tanner ready to move to move out of the hous

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Happening This Week

August 1 - start of two-a-days for football and volleyball, start of Belle practices, start of band practices

August 15 - first day of in-service for teachers and staff

August 22 - first day of school



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