“Edward Scissorhands” is amazing

Carina Sanchez

Edward Scissorhands is a great movie for people who love romance and all the emotions that come with it. It starts off with an invention in the middle of a project when something goes terribly wrong which cuts off both his hands causing him to replace them with scissors. Although some people give up in their dreams of finding who they truly are Edward was not one of those people. It took him a long time to even come out of his shell and although it took his a long time, he had shown who he really is to the world.

The reason I love this movie so much was because my favorite actor, Johnny Depp was doing an amazing job with showing the awkward persona even though he tends to be very outgoing. There would be parts when Edward would get heartbroken but and just the way it is shown, it makes the viewers almost feel what he feels. I know that when I watched all the events that were occurring I felt as if I was in the movie as well.

The main character’s personality changed and in most cases that is not always seen, in this movie we went from a hurting person and then he went to snobby from his new job. In the process of finding himself he ended up finding a girl in which got great interest. In the end of the course changes and the people from his village feared him and ran him out. This is the best must watch movie of all time, especially for a movie night with a loved one and maybe even share some popcorn.