“The Lost City of Z” is this generation’s “Indian Jones”


Kayleigh Rhodes

The Lost City of Z focuses on the amazing true story of Percy Fawcett. Developed from David Grann’s published book in 2009, the story of Colonel Fawcett premiered in theaters April 14.

In the movie, Fawcett tries to prove that he has discovered a previously unknown, advanced civilizations that had once inhabited a small part of the Amazon. Many people part of the scientific community ridicule him, saying that all he found was the remnants of “savages”. However, Fawcett, with the support of his wife and son, is determined to return to the Amazon in search of the inhabitants.

Set in the early 20th century, director James Gray creates a true-life drama that effectively shows the determination of Percy Fawcett. The lighting fits the mood in this action- adventure biography. The Lost City of Z is a movie for people who love action- adventure movies, but also like to have it backed by an interesting historical event.