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“Remember Me Coco” is full of passion

Miguel is a young boy with a deep passion and love for music, but his family banned music from their family and home long before he was born. In an attempt to play music and prove himself to his family he steals the guitar of his biggest ideal Ernesto de la Cruz, which is a violation of the day of the dead rules.

Before he is permanently stuck in the land of the dead he must leave by sunrise the next day. In his big adventure through the land of the dead Miguel learns of a few secrets, the meaning of family and the importance of remembering the dead.

Coco features more Latino actors and music than The Book of Life. Both movies use Day of the dead as the basic plot and the power of music to defeat any obstacle in their way.

Pixar did a good job interpreting the land of the dead and retelling the tale of a young boy and his trusty pet set out to complete a quest. The movie is full of color music and emotionally overwhelming moments.