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Spotlight: Coach Roger Masters


Football may be his most notable interest; however, Coach Roger Masters is a traveler at heart. Exploring different countries and experiencing unique cultures is one of Coach Masters’ life goals.

“I want to travel the world with my wife once we retire,” Masters said. “Most preferably around the Mediterranean countries of Italy and Greece.”

He has already had a taste of traveling abroad. He has travelled to China in the past to visit his sister, who resided there for several years.

“I experienced culture shock when visiting China; it was extremely crowded and the language was so hard to understand.” Masters said. “However, there were some cities similar to US cities, for example, Hong Kong and Kunming.”

Although he said that he did not know what he was eating half of the time, the food was his absolute favorite part of China. He excitedly said that he can now check eating cat off of his lists of accomplishments.

“I remember eating some type of meat and thinking it was extremely good,” Masters said. “I asked my sister what it was and she took me around the corner of the street pointed at a box of cats and was like ‘that right there is what you are eating’ and I did not mind one bit because it was delicious.”

Aside from traveling, Coach Masters has always wanted to make a difference and impact other people’s lives. It all started when he read a book called The Rogue Warrior in English class back in middle school.

“I randomly happened to pick up the book, and it turned out to be the most memorable book I have ever read,” Masters said. “At that age, it inspired me to want to be a Navy seal, but now it inspires me to want to make a difference in the lives I encounter.”

He stated that as a coach, his priority is to teach his players life lessons that can stick with them and help them grow as individuals. He wants to be a positive figure in their lives, and be someone they can always count on.

“I know we as coaches spend more time with the athletes than their own parents do,” Masters said. “Therefore, I want to be an exemplary figure in their lives and teach them far more than just football.”

In his short time here, he has already started to warm up to the students and become close to them.

“I interviewed him for a story last week, and ever since he always greets me in the halls,” senior Sheri Donaldson said. “I think that shows a lot from him and that he is really intent on forming bonds with the kids.”

His goal of making a difference is becoming a reality. According to his football players, Coach Masters is a strong figure with great character.

“He is definitely one of the coaches we have had that actually take interest in us,” senior Luis Porras said. “We all look up to him greatly.”

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