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“Baby Driver” is a thrilling action film

The exhilarating action and thriller film, Baby Driver, was released to theatres in June and was released to DVD earlier this fall. Baby Driver is about a young adult, Baby, who is a getaway driver for Doc, who organizes the crimes. Throughout the movie, Baby remains silent and relies on music to drive. In the end, Baby has to retire because of a job that could risk his and other’s lives.

Fault in our Stars star Ansel Elgort plays Baby in the movie. Debora, Baby’s love interest, is played by British actress Lily James. Other main characters are Kevin Spacey as Doc, Eliza Gonzalez as Darling, John Bernthal as Griff, Jon Hamm as Buddy, and Jamie Foxx as Bats.

The movie starts in the middle of a bank heist that gives a taste of the excitement that the movie holds. This movie made my heart race as the projector played the car chases on the theatre screen.  I expected action and thrill out of the movie and the movie definitely left me content and satisfied.

Director Edgar Wright mixed a phenomenal playlist and romance with exhilarating action and adventure. The playlist creates a balance between the constant thrill of the movie to stop the movie from becoming overpowering with car chases and bank robberies. This movie has a little bit of everything. I would recommend Baby Driver to anybody. 

“Now this is what I call a summer movie. Baby Driver has it all: thrills, laughs, sex, nonstop action, a killer soundtrack, a star-making performance from Ansel Elgort and a director – Edgar Wright – who can knock the wind out of you. When was the last time to got pumped by a car chase? This revved-up ride of a movie is loaded with them, and they’re spectacular.” – writer Peter Travers said in the Rolling Stone.