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Christmas vacation goes wrong in “Daddy’s Home 2”

“Did big boy tee tee his pants”

The famous and comical phrase from the onscreen comedy movie Daddy’s Home 2 is one out of many parts of the movie that has brought much laughter to viewers. Daddy’s Home 2 is the sequel to Daddy’s Home; it premiered in theaters on November 10.

Following the events of the first film; the two main characters, fathers Brad and Dusty (Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg) are joined by their crazy fathers, Don and Kurt (John Lithgow and Mel Gibson) for the holiday season. Brad, married to Dusty’s ex wife and stepfather to Dusty’s children, is joined by his over joyous father. Dusty, with his own complicated step daughter and family, is joined by his unfatherly father. The film is an overall story of the chaotic turnout of a meant to be joyous holiday vacation.

Some viewers see Daddy’s Home 2 as a very humorous film because of the much comedy between the four dad figures inability of cooperating for the holiday season; however, many viewers say different otherwise. Many viewers say that the film is inappropriate because it is meant to represent a family movie, however shows the complete opposite. The movie has much profanity, violence, and overall inappropriate comments.

Despite the movie being about a crazy family; the film is not meant to be seen as a family. The film is not intended for younger viewers. Overall the movie has multiple comical scenes that will only be enjoyed by mature viewers.