Togo showcases a true hero


Sherlyn Rodriguez

An untold true story makes its way to the screen in Togo, the story of a true hero.

When a deadly epidemic makes its way to the town of Nome, Alaska, the only cure is 600 miles away. Due to an incoming snowstorm, the only way to retrieve the cure is by traveling by sled. Leonhard Seppala turns to his team of huskies. He believes that his lead dog Togo is capable of leading his team of dogs across this journey and bring the cure that will save everyone.

Togo was released in December 2019 on Disney plus. It was directed by Ericson Core and mainly cast by Willem Dafoe. It falls under the genre of drama and it is a great movie for family and friends to watch.

This is one of my favorite movies. It’s got great actors, a great script and great action scenes as well as amazing cinematography and visuals. The characters are touching and will live with viewers long after the credits roll. This film should absolutely become a Disney classic and for dog lovers is a must-see movie.

The intense storyline in this movie will keep viewers on seat’s edge. Togo is touching and emotional and a great family-oriented movie.