“Bright” is a great Netflix original


Kaiden Loep

An interesting mix or orcs, humans, fairies and many other mythical things is what makes up the movie Bright. It’s all that you expect from a Netflix original and more. Usually Netflix originals aren’t the best because its all low budget productions, but this time they stepped up their game. This movie is a tale of two LA police officers (a human and an orc) who go on one of their routine night patrols and find more than they thought they ever would. Who and what they find changes the future of the world as they know it. These two officers are battling against their own kind just to keep a young elf girl, Tikka, safe, but little did they know she could destroy the whole world in the blink of an eye if one thing went wrong. Not only do they have to battle other officers, they have to fight off many enemies and even each other because of a difference in personalities and false assumptions about one another.

This movie stars Will Smith as Officer Scott Ward, Joel Edgerton as Officer Nick Jakoby and Lucy Fry as Tikka. It was directed by David Ayer and released in Brazil on December 22, 2017. Now onto the real reason you’re here, is this movie worth your time? Yes. This movie does have some faults like the abrupt but smooth ending or the quick climax, but it is definitely worth your time. This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat with the plot twist it takes. Even when you think all of the plot twist are over, they aren’t until the very last second of the movie. It starts out pretty humorous and has a bit of comic relief throughout the whole movie even in the tensest of spots, they managed to lighten the mood. Personally, I think this film deserves to be on the big screen and not just on Netflix, but some say otherwise. Rotten Tomatoes may have called this movie rotten, but to me and most of the other audience members, it was fresh. If you love thrillers, or fantasies or a mixture of both, then this is the movie for you.