Squid Game is a new Netflix hit


courtesy of netflix

Tristan Cole, Reporter

A new Netflix show is surprising everybody and taking America by storm. Squid Game is a show where contestants compete for a large amount of money. The main character is Seong Gi-Hun. The show is a very suspenseful, dramatic, interesting and murderous show with twists and turns in every episode.

Gi-Hun who is a gambler in debt, and if he does not pay it off, he will be killed. He has one daughter who is 11, and her mom is about to move her to the U.S. He meets a guy on a subway who gives him a card to enter the Squid Games. The Squid Games are a bunch of games that most of the contestants played as kids, such as Red Light, Green Light … but with a twist. If you move on the red light you get shot and you die. There are a total of six games.

Some of the show’s actors include HoYeon Jung, Lee Jung Jae, Gong Woo, Wi Ha Joon and Lee Yoo Mi. Squid Game is a really great show to binge watch when you’re bored and is the perfect show for people who like to watch action-packed TV shows.