HBO produces new winning show


courtesy of HBO

Sherlynn Rodriguez, Co-Editor

Viewers jumped and nervously nibbled at their nails at the start of the film, but the ending warm smiles.

Supported by new friendships that were formed after a tragic and devastating incident, high school student Vada begins to rebuild herself while changing her views of the world. Vada begins to move away from her normal lifestyle and begins to take her own chances and decisions. She pushes herself into new and bigger boundaries. As she and Mia begin to hang out more and become closer, Vada discovers who she really is through their similar and shared experiences.

The Fallout was released on HBO Max on January 27, 2022. Starring in the movie is Jenna Ortega, who plays the role of Vada and Maddie Ziegler who plays the role of Mia. You may be familiar with Jenna who used to act in the former Disney show, Stuck in the Middle, and Maddie who was part of a drama show, Dance Moms. Both girls have been seen on screens ever since they were young and their acting career seems to keep growing. These two were incredible and were able to intrigue viewers and get them to relate to the film with their acting.

The Fallout was definitely a very good movie. I think it was a film that was able to relate to many teenagers today. Although some teenagers haven’t experienced what happened in the film, many teens still struggle with trying to find who they are and their mental health. This film shows teenagers how to move on from hurtful and traumatizing incidents that have occurred in their life. It shows them how to heal and that they are not alone. Just like Vada and Mia.

I highly recommend this film to all teenagers and people who have dealt with trauma. It is an amazing and heartwarming movie that shows people that they are not alone and that their trauma and fears can be overcome.