Speech students attend workday


Tana Cleveland

MLK Day meant a day off from school, except for members of the speech team who attended a workday tournament at Waco High School. The teams used the time to prepare for district that is coming up soon.

“I’m really glad that we went,” senior Nadia Garcia said. “I did a lot of work and I hope it pays off.”

A total of seven students went to compete. Because it was more of a laid-back meet, students wore casual dress and were able to be comfortable.

“I like casual dress because I don’t sit there and fidget with my clothes,” sophomore Molly Dittmar said. “I can really focus on the task at hand.”

Many events were offered at the meet, including poetry. The Waco coach, K’Lynn Childress, worked with the prose and poetry students.

“Mrs. Childress really helped me with new ideas for my piece,” junior Sheri Donaldson said. “I feel better about it now.”

The main events that the meet was focused around were both LD and CX debate, with both BHS CX teams attending. Taylor Lack spent some time on lessons for LD even though she is not competing in the event this year. The CX students were able to work on cases with students from other schools.

“I’m glad we really focused on CX,” Garcia said. “District is so close and I feel more confident in our case now.”

A trip to Bahama  Bucks wrapped up the day, with the team aiming to get home before the predicted ice storms hit.

“Bahama Bucks is absolutely my favorite place,” Donaldson said. “It was a great treat after working hard.”