Powerlifters medal at Mildred


Lilah Adams

Powerlifting season is in full swing as the boys and girls team have been traveling to multiple meets this semester. This past weekend, both teams competed at a meet in Mildred.

“It has been a really good year for us,” senior Taylor Lack said. “At the past two meets, several of us have placed in the top six.”

At the meet in Mildred meet, Logan Shaw 1st, John Vaughn 3rd, Asa Henson 3rd, Ethan Patterson 4th, Taylor Lack 5th, Daniela Reyes 6th, Brandon Renteria 6th and Alex Grizzle 7th.

“With Daniel Stone as the new head coach I think we have improved a good deal,” Vaughn said. “We’re looking forward to a great year.”

They are continuing with their practice at a meet in Rice Feb 3.

“We really wanted to improve this year, so we are going to a lot more meets,” Grizzle said. “I really like being able to be at the same meets at the guys. I think it pushed us to be better. I am super excited for district competition this year.”