New NHS students inducted


Colby Menefee

NHS held its annual induction ceremony last week.

“The induction ended up going very well,” sponsor Donna Vann said. “Everyone did an awesome job. There were no problems.”

The ceremony featured speeches from NHS officers and principal Tracy Gleghorn, as well as a candle lighting and pledge from new inductees.

“The induction went perfectly,” co-sponsor Anna Bailey said. “Everyone’s speeches sounded great. I’m glad students got to hear Ms. Gleghorn’s speech on leadership. It was very inspiring. I hope they take it to heart.”

This year’s group of inductees was especially large.

“I was so excited to see how many inductees there were,” president Nadia Garcia said. “I think it’s the biggest group we’ve had so far.”

Garcia said she’s “really looking forward” to the year ahead.

“We have such an awesome group this year,” Garcia said. “We are planning on doing lots of things differently than past years. The size of our group provides so many new opportunities. This year we’re thinking about taking a trip so that the group can get to know each other better”