Theatre group learns musical choreography


Kayleigh Rhodes

5,6,7,8 . . .

Over the weekend, students participating in In the Heights learned choreography for multiple new dances. This is the first time the theatre program has had someone come and teach them choreography.

“It was hard,” junior Sheri Donaldson said. “The choreographer made us work.”

The choreographer was a man named Nathan Hand who has experience with Broadway dancers and other big school productions.

“I was surprised that someone with that kind of experience came to our school,” sophomore Colby Menefee. “I was grateful that he would even think about helping us.”

The group learned two different types of dances: cumbia and bachata. For most of the students, it was difficult to learn.

“I kept getting confused with all the footwork,” senior David Alcantar said. “I am going to have to work on it, but I am sure that I will get it.”

The choreographer will meet with the students one last time and teach them another dance. Although afterward, it is up to the theatre group to keep practicing and perfect the moves.

“We will need a lot of practice,” freshman Raeleigh Rhodes said. “I think it will look really good whenever we go to perform it.”