Miley Cyrus makes a comeback


Savanna Guevara

Miley Cyrus, who fell out of the music industry world due to her vulgar actions, has now come back and saying people are shocked is an understatement. Cyrus gained many fans back after releasing her song Malibu off of her new studio album Younger Now. Younger Now will be her sixth studio album.

The studio album was released in September. Many believe Cyrus is attempting to lose her provocative reputation and get back to the person many formerly knew her as. Fans came to the conclusion that the change is due to her fiance, Liam Hemsworth. Cyrus has released Malibu as well as Younger Now two songs from the studio album.

The songs are different in what they speak of, however, they are both well written and both hit home for past fans. Malibu seems as though she’s speaking of how she’s changed and how her life has evolved due to her engagement and life choices. What fans have taken from it is that she’s happy how her fiance has changed her entire life and has changed herself to be a better person.

Her song Younger Now includes lyrics like “Feels like I just woke up. Like all this time I’ve been asleep, even though it’s not who I am I’m not afraid of who I used to be.” In my opinion the songs are saying that who she was in the recent past was not who she truly is, and with these songs she’s bringing back who she was in her acting past. She’s attempting to reinvent who she wants to be and who she is meant to be.