Volleyball team places in tournament


Nadia Garcia

The Lady Bison traveled to Eustace last weekend to take part in the Bulldog’s annual volleyball tournament. The team started off the tournament Friday afternoon falling to two teams; however, it didn’t take long for the girl to redeem themselves. The team came back Saturday morning and took the win in two games that led them to the championship game in the Silver Bracket, and ultimately home with the silver trophy.

“The girls did extremely well in the tournament,” assistant coach Kyle Gleghorn said. “We are working to progress throughout the season and they are doing really good so far.”

The team was really ecstatic to be playing in the championship game.

“We all surprised ourselves to have gotten so far in the tournament,” sophomore Mollie Dittmar said. “We were all really excited to play that game, we’ve never play for a championship title in high school for volleyball.”

Senior Jaycie Hightower wasn’t able to play during the tournament due to an injury.

“During one of the drills at practice I hit my head on the floor really hard diving for a ball ,” senior Jayci Hightower. “ At that moment I really didn’t know I had a concussion, until I went to visit the trainer.”

The Lady Bison are aiming to advance to into the playoffs this year.

“I’m convinced that we will do so much better this year,” Dittmar said. “We are an older team this year with a stronger bond  who has been working hard for that one goal: playoffs.”