Rubel wins second championship title

Rubel wins second championship title

Nadia Garcia

For the second year in a row, senior Noel Rubel won a district championship and went on to earn a spot in the state golf tournament. The boys’ team advanced out of district as a full team and fell just nine strokes short of a trip to state as well.

“We were all very happy with how much we have improved,” sophomore Noah Rubel said. “Our hard work is paying off.”

Noel Rubel received back-to-back district champs.

“I am beyond blessed to have won the gold medal once again,” Noel Rubel said. “I have put so much time and effort into this sport; I truly love it.”

The boys took third place team at the district meet. Senior Justin Foley received third place, Noah Rubel took fourth place, and senior Shelley Pate came in sixth.

“I am really proud of the team and their determination,” Noah Rubel said.  “Everyone worked hard and pushed each other to become better.”