Student Spotlight: Riley Webb


Kayleigh Rhodes

Riley Webb is a sophomore who participates on the FFA rodeo team along with other rodeo events. He is part of the 3W team who attend rodeo events every weekend. Even while doing this, he still gets his work done.

“I go and practice in Teague almost every day,” Webb said. “I love ranch rodeo and I am good at it.”

Webb participates in the roping events and has won multiple awards for it. He won a saddle in state last year and also won a saddle for rookie of the year.  

“I was proud of Riley when he went to state,” sophomore Makayla Gilliam said. “I always knew he could do it.”

Even when Webb isn’t out roping and winning awards, he practices and hangs out with his many friends from Teague who are on his team.

“We are really close,” Webb said. “I have known them for a long time and they always help me with my rodeo skills.”

Webb says that he is looking forward to this year’s ranch rodeo team. Webb plans on going to state and winning again.

“It will be hard trying to go to state this year,” Webb said. “However, hard work makes you successful.”