New members inducted into NHS


Andrea Garcia

On Tuesday night, 23 new members were inducted into the local chapter of the Naitonal Honor Society after being chosen based first on their GPA and then on their leadership, character, and service.

Most of the students inducted were sophomores, although there were several juniors and seniors, as well.  Teachers ranked students on the characteristics set forth by the national chapter of the NHS.

“The students that are carefully selected to be in National Honor Society do not merely posses those qualities,” co-sponsor Anna Bailey said. “They are mirrors of them everyday.”

One of the most important qualities of an NHS member is their commitment to school and their academic success. All the members and the inductees are required to maintain a grade point average of at least 3.5.

“I feel like being inducted into NHS will bring me more opportunities in the future,” sophomore Jose Sanchez said. “It’s an honor and great pride to be a part of the National Honor Society.”

The students are also chosen for their leadership skills and character. According to current members, leadership and character is probably the most important characteristic that is viewed because members are to be role models.

“Leadership is important,” junior Taylor Lack said. “NHS has taught me that leadership is something that has to be proven and taken in the right approach.”

Service is also a part of being in NHS. Becoming a member means they agree to serving the community in 20 hours of community service.

“I’m looking forward to doing community service hours,” sophomore Hector Dominguez said. “I believe helping out in the community and getting out of one’s comfort zone is very important.”

According to inductees, they were very excited when they were handed their invitation last week. Students said that they had been anxious all school year waiting to find out whether or not they had made it.

“I was very excited to be inducted,” sophomore Chase Thompson said. “I was a little nervous at the ceremony, but mostly excited.”

Students said that that they’ve worked hard for this achievement since the beginning of freshman year. They’ve also said that they’re more confident with themselves.

“Becoming a member has made me more confident,” sophomore Ernesto Rios said. “I feel more accomplished and I will strive for maintaining my grades and doing better.”