Nadia Garcia

After skipping a year and having to find a new site, the bonfire was back in business for homecoming week. 

“It’s such a relief we get a bonfire this year,” junior James Rodell said. “It’s been a Bison tradition.”

Last year the school board decided not to have a bonfire due to weather problems.

“I was really excited when I found out we would have a bonfire this year,” senior Kynlee Driskill said. “Especially since it’s my senior year.”

The school also made the decision to host the bonfire in a new location. The previous location is the site of the new ag barn, and dirt work is already underway.

“The new location was perfect,” junior Taylor Lack said. “It’s really wide and there is plenty of room.”

This year the seniors weren’t the only ones making signs; juniors had the opportunity to paint their own too.

“Painting my own sign was so much fun,” junior Denise Wall said. “The signs we added to the bonfire made it better.”

Students tried to go all out this year and make the bonfire the biggest the school had ever had.

“It was really hard building it, but we got the work done,” senior Evan Grisham said. “Our work was worth it because it looked beautiful at night.”