Lady Bison basketball begins


Kayleigh Rhodes

Basketball season is getting underway for the Lady Bison, from afternoon practices to Saturday scrimmages.

“I am so excited for this year,” freshman Taylor Beshears said. “I can’t wait for our first game.”

The Lady Bison will have to work hard this season in order to live up to last year’s expectations. Last year’s team ended the season sixth in the state, and this year’s group says they plan to stay there.

Freshmen Mollie Dittmar and Andrea Daniel lace up before hitting the court.
Freshmen Mollie Dittmar and Andrea Daniel lace up before hitting the court.

“Meet and exceed,” head coach Jozette Jenkins said. “That’s what I always tell the girls: meet and exceed.”

The incoming freshmen say they are nervous to be playing on a team with such high expectations. However, they say they plan on doing whatever they can to get to playoffs.

“I am nervous and excited,” freshman Mollie Dittmar said. “All I know is that I have to do my best so that we can be the best.”

Last year’s team fell short of state in the regional finals against Little River Academy. The Lady Bison this year plan to exceed the high bar that was set by last year’s team.

“We will be missing some key players this year,” sophomore A’sia Bradley said. “However, I think we also gained some good players with this year’s team.”

This year’s team will be young. The Lady Bison will have only two seniors and will be mostly made of sophomores and freshman.

“A young team means that we will need strong leaders,” senior Lauren Pate said. “I think Jordan and I are ready to be just that.”

The Lady Bison have high hopes for this season. At least one player already has her personal goals set.

“I plan on playing and practicing harder than ever before,” sophomore Melanie McGill said. “I won’t settle for anything less than state.”