Spotlight on the new counselor


Yomele Almeida

School staff come and go throughout the years. Sometimes the same staff comes, goes, and comes back again. New high school counselor Debbie Read falls into this category, coming back to BISD after two years away in Crockett.  She said she enjoys juggling all the responsibilities.

“The biggest challenge is getting information to the seniors,” Read said. “Also making sure all the student have the right amount of credits and are on the right endorsement plan.”

Read worked in Crockett after obtaining her counselor degree, but was glad to come home when a job opened up in the district.

“I have an interest in Buffalo because I live in Buffalo,” Read said. “I’m familiar with the people.”

Read said she is happy to be back home and doing what she has gone to school to do.

“The best part is being close to home and being familiar with the students and parents,” Read said. “I like being a counselor. I feel I can help more people being a counselor rather than a classroom teacher.”

While Read is glad to be back, she doesn’t regret her time in Crockett.

“I got a lot more experience about being a counselor,” Read said. “But I’m glad to be back in Buffalo.”