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Seniors keep overall tradition alive

The hot glue is plugged in, paint and sparkles covering the floor and Pinterest ideas are on the screen. It’s time for the last pep rally of the year, and seniors spend their time, effort and money into making senior overalls, a long-running Bison tradition.

Despite COVID-19 precautions, seniors are still pushing through every obstacle to make sure their last year isn’t ruined. Senior overalls were something students had no intention of giving up.

“I was glad that we got to continue with the senior overall tradition. I didn’t start planning my overalls until a week or two before we had to wear them at school,” senior Molli Doss said. “I was excited about making them because it made me grateful that we get to have a senior year, let alone get do all the traditions that are involved.”

About half of the seniors made their own overalls, but many of the students hired the job out.

“I let the person making mine do whatever they wanted, but I did give them some ideas,” senior Elaine Guevara said. “I didn’t want to do them myself because I was so scared to mess them up, and I really like how they came out.”

Even for students making their own, the cost could get high pretty easily.

“I went to Hobby Lobby and got the fabrics I wanted to use and bought small things that I could use to add texture and make them pop out more. I got a pretty good deal on the stuff I got because I had the app with deals on it,” senior Katy Webb said. “The night before I had stayed up all night with lots of coffee and had one of my older friends stay with me and help me make them.”

The main inspiration for designs was Pinterest. Every senior added their own creativity and individuality into their designs.

“I loved the way my senior overalls came out because I had added designs that I liked and it was unique,” senior Lindsey Gonzalez said. “My main inspiration was Bad Bunny. I had holographic lettering on my overalls.”

While the seniors did lose out on their traditional senior pep rally, settling for a giant game of musical chairs after the social-distanced pep rally the afternoon of the game, they enjoyed the attention they got for their creations.

“I loved wearing my overalls because I got to show off what I made,” senior Nicole Rice said. “I was really happy with how they turned out, mainly because I got to make memories while making them.”