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Volleyball reaches midseason

With mid-season here, the Lady Bison continue to battle their way through district in order to obtain a spot in playoffs. Tied for fifth now, the team has work to do with seven games left in the season. The Lady Bison played Elkhart Tuesday and lost in three close sets.

“We are doing pretty good,” head coach Daryl Skelton said. “We need to continue to get better each day, improve our skills, improve our overall team play, and continue to grow as a team.”

In order to play together as one, the team works on playing as one in practice. According to Skelton, the girls have off days and once one is off, the others follow.

“Some days practice goes really well and we are able to get things done,” Skelton said. “They are teenage girls, though, and some days aren’t as productive as others.”

Skelton reminds the girls on the daily that the main focus is that they are having fun but also competing, according to Junior Avery Hardin.

“Every day Skelton tells us before and after practice to trust each other and the process,” Hardin said. “He also reminds us to have fun but compete at a high intensity. He believes in us and we just want to make him proud.”

The girls say they are excited and grateful for their coaches this season. Gaining assistant coach Dana Wade has given an extra set of skills to their team.

“Coach Skeleton and Coach Wade both spend a lot of time to find drills for us to help us in our weaknesses,” senior Josie Henson said. “Skeleton is always watching film and preparing us as much as he can. Coach Wade is always finding new drills and games that help us in games. We are all so appreciative of them. It’s crazy how much they do for us.”