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Softball wins over Iola

The Lady Bison softball team kicked off the season with a victory over Iola Tuesday night. 

“This is my second year playing softball as a Lady Bison,” sophomore Aryonna Coleman said. “I was so excited for the season to start back up again and to take a win over Iola.”

The team’s first practice was on January 24 with fifteen players. The girls have played two scrimmages over the past two past weeks and played their first game Tuesday. 

Senior Rylee Reeves fields the ball while warming up against Iola. (menefee)

“I feel like this game was a really big eye-opener to coach Ashby and to us about how this year is going to go,” sophomore Addison Lathrop said. “All of our girls get along really well and we work well together as a team, therefore I feel like we have a good a really good chance at advancing this year.”

Due to UIL rules, basketball girls aren’t allowed to play until their season is over, so two more members of the team will join the team on the field next week. 

“I’m so excited to play softball this year,” senior Mackenzie Houston said. “I have to wait for the basketball season to be over before I can play, but I’m super excited.”

Over half the team this year is made up of freshmen, but a majority of these have played softball before in junior high or in league play.

Coach Ashby has taken over as head coach this year with Coach Houston by his side. 

“I am very excited for this season,” Coach Ashby said. “These girls have really good potential and I’m proud of all their hard work.”