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Belles march in Christmas parade

Belles celebrated Christmas early this year when they went to they attended the Christmas Parade of Lights in Palestine last Saturday.

“It was different – I had never been in a Christmas parade before,” sophomore Itzy Velazquez said. “While we were marching, my foot caught a cramp“

After arriving in Palestine, Belles took pictures around the courthouse with painted wooden Christmas figures. They got the chance to hang out and joke around before the parade started.

“It was really fun,” junior Stefani Trejo said. “We got to relax from school and enjoy each others company.”

They then headed over to join all the other marchers. Belles practiced their motions and marching while they wait for the director Amanda Harter to tell them to go ahead and get in line.

“I had marched in a parade before so I wasn’t really nervous,”  Iveth Molina said. “We were taking pictures with the Grinch before the parade.”

The Belles show off their costumes before leaving for the parade.

The Belles were dressed as candy snowman with lights in their tutus to match the Christmas theme. While marching, the Belles had some difficulties keeping up with the speed because the band in front was going too fast and road conditions weren’t great.

“We all fell in a bunch of holes,” Iris Guerrero said. “It was hard trying not to giggle while we were marching.”