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“Attention” is one big hit

Charlie Puth is back and better than ever with his hit single “Attention,” part of his upcoming album Voice Notes, produced by him with help of Jacob Kasher as a writer. It’s been on Billboard as a top ten.

Compared to his past hits, “ Attention is more personal honest, and powerful. It’s unlike anything he has ever released. It has a  guitar rhythm that remains in the background throughout  the song and then builds up to the chorus. He sticks with his natural vocals a funk groove style and an upbeat chorus.

Puth’s song is  about the emotions everyone goes through at one point, after a heartbreak. He reflects back on his past relationship and all the fun he had was thought to be real, but in the end the girl just wanted attention. He uses the lyrics  “you just want attention / you don’t want my heart / maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new” to portray how he feels about his last relationship.

Charlie Puth doesn’t disappoint with his latest single. Whether  a fan of his or not, this track is full of strong vocals, incredible production and relatable lyrics, making it impossible to not sing along to. With this hit single, his upcoming album is a must listen.