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Rick and Morty good for dark humor

Dark humor is a growing trend for teens and adults. The cartoon Rick and Morty has a mixture of easy jokes and dark moments that appeals to many young adults today.

Recently, Hulu released the third season, which has had mixed reviews all over the internet. Some people find the dark humor appealing and enjoyable while others find it too mean. Personally, I find the mixture of dark and offensive humor appealing.  

The show by Dan Hamer and Justin Roiland is based on a sociopathic scientist Rick, who has been missing for twenty years. One day, he shows up on his daughter’s doorstep and convinces her and her husband to let him move in. Rick begins a series of investigations that could be considered dangerous. Because of Rick’s lack of reality, he brings Beth’s grandchildren, Morty and Summer, into his crazy adventures.

For the teens and older adults who still enjoy cartoons, Rick and Morty is exactly what they are looking for. Each show has a twist to it and keeps the audience on their feet. As the seasons have progressed, the writers have focused on continuity of themes between the episodes. From season one to season two, the main theme focuses on how unhappy Rick is. For example, some episodes address Rick’s issues with suicide and alcoholism.

However, Rick is not the only star of the show. Morty also shows some growth throughout the seasons. In the end of season one and beginning of season two, he becomes more assertive and stronger. This provides a mixture of laughter and emotions for the audience.

Through the first two seasons, Rick and Morty fluctuated between a fun and wholesome show to a show that drags on. Hopefully, the release of season three will move the plot along, increase character developments, and make the show irresistible for more viewers.