FCCLA dominates at regional conference


Emma Adams

Of the 80 FCCLA members on campus, 53 traveled to Galveston last weekend for their regional convention and competition. They returned with a load of trophies and every team qualified for state competition, as well as two state officers. 

            “It was very exciting to be able to compete in a STAAR event this year, sophomore Aryonna Coleman said. “I was very nervous that we weren’t going to do good, but then we ended up getting first place.” 

            Every member that participated in a STAAR event placed in the top five and advanced to state, which will be held in Dallas in April. Half of the participants placed in the top two places. 

            “I wasn’t nervous at all competing,” freshman Erica Bryson said. “Usually I would be but for some reason, I was very confident in my team, and it paid off.” 

The FCCLA Region conference was a three-day event with more than 500 students participating in STAAR events. Some of the contestants had to make last-minute adjustments to be successful.

            “My whole team bailed on me at the last second,” sophomore Marie Herbert said. “I was beyond stressed because I was scared I was going to have to do this event all by myself, but at the last minute I had two amazing people step up to help me.” 

            Betsy Martinez and Callie Harter ran for office and were both elected to represent Buffalo FCCLA at the State level. 

            “It was very nerve-racking waiting to see if I got an officer position,” Martinez said. “After I heard my name get called I honestly was so excited and very happy to get elected; it has been a dream of mine for so long and it finally came true.” 

            The State conference is held in Dallas at the beginning of April. For the next two months, the teams will continue to work to improve their projects.

            “I am so proud of my team for working so hard and placing first place,” junior Jorge Palafox said. “We made it to nationals last year, and that is my goal again for this year. FCCLA has opened my eyes to so many great opportunities, and continues too.”