Not your usual love story

Not your usual love story

Itzel Velazquez

A Sucky Love Story is based on a true events that happened to Youtuber Brittani Louise Taylor and how she risked almost everything for falling in love. The book starts off with Brittani trying multiple dating sites in order to meet her true love and how each date she went left her with nothing but disappointment.

Until she met Milos; he was from Europe, a doctor, wealthy and athletic, but something was telling her to run. For two years, though, the only running she did was straight into his arms. If only she would’ve listened to her gut about him. But she didn’t.

She posted videos on her Youtube channel with Milos, but what her viewers didn’t know was the increasing severity of his verbal abuse, which according to her shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

This isn’t your usual love story. It’s more like Brittani’s story of survival. It is a good book for those struggling to find the right one. It also serves as a cautionary tale to help readers understand the dangers of online dating and how to stay cautious.