Seniors sign to play college ball

Seniors sign to play college ball

Sheri Donaldson

In a world where seniors are making college decisions, student athletes have the extra pressure of deciding if – and where – they might play sports in college. Football players signed earlier this month, while baseball players signed earlier this week.

“I was very impressed and proud to see a number of my guy friends sign to play college sports,” senior Brenda Garcia said. “From a young age, I knew our senior class had a handful of great athletes.”

Senior Chase Thompson signed to play football East Texas Baptist University, better known as ETBU, to play the positions of linebacker and deep snapper.

“At the beginning of our football season I was told ETBU was scouting me; I was so excited for them to see me play,” Thompson said. “I was so honored that they ended up wanting me to play for them and had no doubts about signing to play there.”

Senior Jesus Garcia signed to play football for the Navarro Bulldogs at the Corsicana campus. Garcia will play as a defensive player there.

“I enjoyed watching him play high school football these past few years; it is very easy to tell that he is a star player especially when it comes to playing defense,” junior Taylor Beshears said. “Everyone was so proud to watch him sign into playing football to the next level.”

Baseball players were not to be left out of the hunt for college sports careers. Marshal Jonas will play shortstop at Western Texas.

“I have played baseball almost my entire life, and always knew I wanted to play college ball,” Jonas said. “I am so excited to travel nearly five hours to Snyder, Texas and play for Western Texas College.”

Jake Henigan signed this week to play pitcher at Richland College in Dallas.

“Signing day was truly such a surreal experience,” Henigan said. “I am so excited to see what Richland has in store for me as well as excited to see what is in store for the others who signed to play college ball.”