Seniors check out career fair


Megan Wedhorn

Earlier this month, the senior class traveled to Corsicana, where they attended career day at Navarro college. Career day gave students the opportunity to learn more about the career they want to pursue, as well as other careers that interest them.

“The purpose of career day was to bring light to technical career options, and the amount of schooling some programs take,” Principal Corey Hickerson said. “I think that the hands-on aspect, as far as seeing the careers and talking to someone in that field, provided great insight to what some careers take. If the students had an open mind, I think that they gained valuable knowledge.”

At the career fair, students selected three different break-out sessions. They had eighteen different career sessions to choose from.

“I liked how they divided it up into three sessions making everyone choose their top three careers,” senior Iveth Molina said. “I attended random sessions because Navarro did not offer anything on my career, but it was fun. My favorite part of the whole thing was getting to try on the firefighter suit and learn more about what it takes to be a firefighter.”

Many of the seniors didn’t want to attend career day because they thought it was a waste of time, or because it didn’t have the career they plan on pursuing. However, for some students, the trip ended up being an educational experience.

“I do not plan to attend Navarro, so I thought it was useless for me to attend career day, but I’m glad I went,” senior Stefani Trejo said. “The cosmetologists let us style a mannequin and showed us techniques on how to properly straighten our hair, and I learned how much a massage chair costs. The program ended up being really fun and informative.”

A few seniors thought that the career fair was informational, but it mainly benefited those who are interested in attending Navarro.

“I feel like career day offered good information, but it didn’t really benefit those of us who have already applied to other colleges,” senior Tana Cleveland said. “I know that Jose, Andrea and I didn’t find much use in Navarro’s career day, because we are going to attend large universities after high school. However, it offered a little bit of useful information, and it was fun.”