Students march in Stampede parade


Kayleigh Rhodes

Buffalo just finished hosting the annual Buffalo Stampede Parade, where organizations from all over town get the chance to build a float and throw candy to the citizens. The parade was followed by food, games and unexpectedly great weather.

“I love getting the chance to ride on a float in the parade and be able to work one of the booths,” cheer captain Sheri Donaldson said. “I think everyone has fun, especially the little kids.”

Businesses and school organizations are given the chance to enter a float for the parade. Before the parade, the floats are judged and the top three get ribbons and trophies.

“The cheerleaders were the ones helping hand out the ribbons and trophies this year,” senior Tana Cleveland said. “There were some really good ones.”

The parade was almost cancelled due to bad weather. However, the sun shone through the rain clouds that had been gathering in the skies for days and the weather was beautiful. In the past few years, the Buffalo Stampede has been hot, but this year was different.

“It wasn’t too hot because everything was cooled off from the rain from the night before, I think,” senior LaSundra Robinson said. “I thought it was pretty cool that it had been cloudy pretty much the whole week, and then all of a sudden the sun came out.”

Some people that were on the sidelines during the parade noticed some strange people. One person said that they saw two guys from out of town who were confused about the events displayed before them.

“These two guys with weird accents were walking around trying to figure out what was going on,” senior Melanie McGill said. “They eventually just stood there and enjoyed the parade. I think I even saw them at Harriman Park afterwards.”

This year’s Buffalo Stampede wasn’t as full as it usually is due to the expected bad weather. However, those in attendance say that the Stampede was still full of people with smiling faces.

“All the little kids were so happy, you could just tell,” sophomore Raeleigh Rhodes said. “I think this parade was better than the last year. I think everyone had more fun.”