Art students learn about color


Tana Cleveland

The art students, under the instruction of Amanda Harter, undergo many lessons in order to make and understand art properly. These lessons range from learning the color wheel to sketching on a canvas. Last week, they learned about color schemes.

“Color schemes are so important in any type of art,” Harter said. “They dictate how the piece comes out.”

A color scheme is the choice of colors used in design for a range of different things. For example, if someone wanted to make a piece sad, they might use darker colors such as blue, purple or black. If someone wanted to make a piece happy, they might use brighter colors such as white, pink or yellow.

“It’s really crazy to see how much a color can make a difference in art,” senior Melanie McGill said. “Sometimes a piece may not look right and it could be one little color throwing the whole piece off.”

The art class created art pieces that display various color schemes. The artwork hung in the art hallway.

“It was hard to figure out what worked for the posters and what didn’t, but eventually we figured it out,” senior Iveth Molina said. “I’m really proud, and the hallway looks amazing.”