Volleyball team starts district play


Sherlynn Rodriguez

The Lady Bison started district play with a trip Westwood to compete in their first district volleyball game of the season.

“I was really excited when we started district; we all were,” junior, Mollie Dittmar said. “The first game was the best game we had played in a long time because of how we were communicating and talking to each other.”

The Lady Bison lost against Westwood and Teague, but that didn’t stop them from trying in the next game; the Ladies won their game against Frankston.

“It didn’t feel like a loss against Westwood. We played as a team and still had fun,” Dittmar said. “However, when we won against Frankston, it was the best feeling ever.”

Many of these girls have had positive attitudes towards the start off of district. This team still has plenty of more games to play and as always, they will keep on practicing every day and playing with determination.

“I think we are doing good,” freshman Madison Walker said. “We have our ups and down, but we’re doing good.”