Students excited to add knitting club


Ashley Thunderhawk

Learning how to knit is now a Power Hour option, with teacher Donna Vann starting the group to share her love of knitting.

“The club is a great addition to BHS,” club member Gracie Davis said. “This school needs more artsy clubs like this.”

Students who have seen Vann knitting in every spare moment know she is a good choice to lead the group.

“Ms. Vann is the perfect sponsor,” Davis said. “She is one of my favorite teachers at the high school, so that makes it even better.”

Students in this club will learn basic knitting techniques.

“In the club, you learn how to knit,” Davis said. “But not anything too crazy.”

More students are joining all the time.

“We are already getting popular,” club member Kaiden Loep said. “A lot of people are asking me how to knit.”

Students in the club are excited.

“I have only been to one meeting and already enjoy the club a lot,” Loep said. “It’s a different experience and really relaxing once you get the hang of it.”