Mendes smashes Billboard charts


Stefani Trejo

Pop singer Shawn Mendes started his music career back in 2013 as Vine singer and became a huge hit in 2014. His album Handwritten is currently #77 on the Billboard 200 Albums, and his new album Illuminate is #1, along with Treat you Better at  # 6 on The Top 100.

Mendes’s style of writing is mostly sad breakup songs. With a mix of acoustics and pop, the sound of melody and rhythm of the music melts beautifully. Although he does grieve about his lost love, he does include romance songs for the fans. Thanks to the collaborations with Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling and many others, this album is a big hit.

The album is available for free on Spotify and can be purchased on iTunes, Google Music, Amazon and everywhere else available.