Gaming Club forms


Savanna Guevara

The start-up of Power Hour this school year – combining lunch with what used to be activity period – has given students and staff a chance to explore new interests – like the launching of a game club this year.

“There’s a lot of people who love gaming,” sophomore Mykayla Dennix said. “We are all lucky enough to have a teacher who enjoys it too.”

New English teacher Martha Zimmerman decided to start the club so more students would have an outlet for that interest.

“I have always loved games, and I heard there was a large group of students that would be interested in this type of club,” Zimmerman said. “I am really excited about being able to get this group together.”

The organization meets twice a week and has a different selection of games to play. Seeing as not everyone enjoys the same games, students contribute.

“Members have a choice of video games, board games and cards games to play during power hour,” Zimmerman said.  “We begin each meeting with a short discussion of what we will play the next week and who is responsible for bringing materials (consoles, games, controllers, dice, etc.).”

At the moment the club has not found any competitions to participate in, but would like to in the future.

“I think it would be very cool, I personally am very competitive,” Sophomore Stefani Trejo said. “Playing against other teams would also let us meet new friends and get to know other people who we share the interest with.”