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Forensic class stages crime scene


A student-athlete was so enraged with anger for his teacher, he sought revenge. When he confronted her with his ruined future, she tried to run away, but hit her head in the process. She slowly stumbled to the phone to call help, but hit her head on a student’s desk.

This was the simulation the forensic kids were presented with in a crime done last week.

“Right now with my forensic students, we are in our crime scene investigation stage,” forensics teacher Patrice Cox said. “I wanted the kids to get familiar with what an actual crime scene investigation would look like.”

When the students walked into the room, vice-superintendent Georgeanna Adams-Molina was laying on the floor with blood on her head and a phone in her hand.

“I really enjoyed doing the simulation for the kids,” Adams-Molina said. “It was such a great experience for both me and the kids.”

Although the simulation was carefully planned, there were still mishaps along the way.

“I was kind of shocked when we walked in and I didn’t even notice the stuff on the floor,” junior Gerson Montano said. “I accidentally stepped on the coat hanger on the floor and contaminated the evidence. It was still a lot of fun though.”

The students had to examine the crime scene and analyzed what had happened to the victim.

“It was a really fun experience,” senior Matt Gilliam said. “I had never done something like this. When we first walked in I was shocked, but then we started getting to work.”

The simulation has become a tradition for the class.

“I do this for the kids every year,” Cox said. “They really seem to love it and learn a lot from it. It is always fun to do hands-on things with the kids that they really seem to enjoy.”

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