Student Council Click it or Ticket Campaign


Assistant Editor Lilah Adams

In 2015, the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System reported that 6.1% of teens do not wear their seat belts on the road, a decrease of 20% since 1991. However, that is still 6.1% of students who risk their lives every time they do not buckle up. Student Council has started a campaign to promote the importance of wearing a seat belt in an effort to help save lives.

Click it or Ticket is the group’s first campaign of the year because the group felt that student lives were important. Posters and banners have been hung around campus, and all drivers received window clings for their automobiles asking their passengers to buckle up.

“I believe it helps educate kids about safety on the road,” president Andrea Garcia said. “It is a very good way to prevent accidents. I am very glad we were able to do this campaign this year.”

Students have noticed the campaign materials around school.

“I really like this campaign this year,” senior Gracie Davis said. “A lot of our students drive and it would be devastating if they got in an accident and died because they did not take the right safety precautions.”

Student council adviser Melonie Menefee insisted on doing this campaign for the safety of the students.

“Driving safety is an important topic when it comes to our students,” Menefee said. “Teen drivers are not as experienced, so anything we can do to encourage driving safety is important as far as I am concerned.”