FFA and FCCLA students travel to State Fair


slay photo

Students enjoy the rides at the state fair.

Earlier this month, FCCLA and FFA members went to the state fair in Dallas for Agriculture Awareness day. The day was started with the AgriQuest, a scavenger hunt created to have participants tour the fair grounds looking for certain fun facts about agriculture and agriculture lifestyle.

“I learned that two pounds of wool from a sheep can make 30 sweaters,” senior Brittany Scott said. “I’m involved in FCCLA, so I really don’t know much about things in FFA so it was cool being able to learn a lot of different things.”

After the quests were finished, the fun began.

“The experience was very fun and thrilling,” freshman Keiley Caffee said. “The rides were great and my favorite was the Air Maxx. The food was really good but really expensive. The ride was long but the trip was worth it.”

The teachers had just as much fun as the students did.

“I did not ride any rides,” Ag teacher Mikaela Hall said. “I walked around with Mrs. Neyland, which was just as fun. We toured the venders that were there and tried some of the sweets the fair had to offer.”

After an exhausting day the students were ready to head back to the comfort of their beds.

“After all the fun I was ready to leave,” sophomore Katerina Kelly said. “I was sunburnt and tired and I was ready to be home.”