Homecoming bonfire brings community together


Seniors spent two days building the stack for this year’s Homecoming bonfire. A student holiday on Monday gave them extra time to work.

April Martinez

A student holiday on the Monday of Homecoming week meant that students had two days to build their bonfire; the group spent Monday collecting wood and Tuesday stacking and building. The bonfire kicked off with a live DJ and four choices of food trucks as well as Kona Ice for everyone to enjoy while waiting for the sun to go down.

“The bonfire fire was awesome because I’m a senior this year and was able to be more involved,” senior Andrea Daniel said. “I really enjoyed Chick-fil-A being there; it was my favorite part.”

Even with the work spread over two days, there was a lot to do.

“It took a lot of work unloading all the wood,” senior Josh Rodriguez said. “It was worth it in the end, though, because of how big the bonfire turned out.”

The night started off with the Bison Brigade marching and playing several music selections including ESPN and Handclap. The cheerleaders were introduced next and performed a cheer, which got the crowd rowdy, followed by a performance by the Bison Belles.

“All the organizations did great,” junior Kayla Saenz said. “They really contributed and added something special to the bonfire.”

The seniors gathered near the pile of colorful wood pallets and watched their last bonfire go up in flames.

“So far, I’ve enjoyed this school year because it’s been relaxing,” senior Emma Reeder said. “I’m kind of glad that it’s our last year of high school, but I’ll miss all my friends once we leave.”