Wrld on Drugs combines talents


April Martinez

Wrld on Drugs is a collaborative mixtape by rappers Future and Juice Wrld. The emo rapper and untraditional superstar linked up for a complete album, with WRLD ON DRUGS debuting October 19.

Juice World gained popularity earlier this year with the mega success on his hit single ¨Lucid Dreams”, which hit No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The 19-year-old Chicago rapper continues to grow, but this mixtape kind of slowed down his progression.

So if she leaves, I´ma kill her, oh, she´ll die. Did I say that out loud? I´m so crazy about mine. ~ Fine China

The albums lead single ¨Fine china¨ is overrated with aggressive lyrics about killing ex-girlfriends and heavily autotuned verses. Songs like ¨Hard Work Pays Off¨ had a catchy rhythm with meaningful lyrics but it didn’t receive the recognition it deserved.

WRLD ON DRUGS showcases chemistry and the use of drugs throughout the mixtape. Both Juice Wrld and Future collaborated with Nicki Minaj, Gunna, Young Bans, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Young Scooter.

Certain tracks consist of interesting beats but nothing special that catches my attention. Juice Wrld´s perspective on music was drained out of the whole album based on the fact that Future´s style was the main focus.

Having a thrill on these pills, I could OD any day ~Realer n Realer