Kanye West shows his struggles in latest album


April Martinez

Kanye West´s bipolar disorder is what he really aimed to focus on in his current new album ye. Suffering from his mental health has been the main inspiration for these songs.

Personal events ranging from his controversy with pop singer Taylor Swift to marrying the iconic Kim Kardashian really sparked his career. His earlier albums don’t come close to this level of connection with his West’s inner feelings and struggles, though.

¨Let me make this clear, so all y´all see. I don’t take a advice from people less successful than me.¨~ No Mistakes

Kanye, better known as Ye, is one of the most polarizing figures in music and is always at the top of his games whether it is fashion, business, or music. He´s evolved as a person but these tracks didn´t step up to the plate.

Ye puts an emotional and almost disturbing perspective to this new album, but he remains the cultured songwriter that he’s been in all of his past albums. He´s created his own genre, but these couple of tracks didn´t do him justice because of their lack of enthusiasm that Kanye´s known for.

¨The most beautiful thoughts are always beside the darkest. Today, I thought about killing you. I contemplated, premeditated murder.¨~ I Thought About Killing You

This opening spoken word ¨song¨ gives the impression of a haunted, twisted mind. Kanye explores his shadow throughout the song along with the fact that he’s bipolar as seen on his album cover.

Overall, it wasn´t a favorite and the beats are mimicked throughout the album, making it very repetitious. The lyrical content is spot-on but it doesn´t portray him in any way. Kanye fans expected a polished production, but they were left with empty and scattered thoughts.