Bison come out on top over Dallas Gateway


April Martinez

The Gateway Gators provided a new opponent for the Bison football team, hitting the field with aggressive moves and plenty of name calling; there was conflict throughout the game between the two teams, but the Bison came out on top, trampling the Gateway Gators 48-8 and adding yet another win to their undefeated season.

“Trying to remain focus was the real challenge,¨ junior John Vaugh said. ¨There were plenty of distractions throughout the night.¨

The game started off well for the Bison while the Gators had a hard time catching up. Quarterback Colton Green was an obvious stand-out with, along with junior Jamaul Randel providing Buffalo with two more touchdowns.

¨It was a rush of adrenaline,¨ Randle said. ¨It´s always a proud moment for the team.¨

The stadium settled down once halftime rolled around. The Bison Belles danced a pom routine to Hey, Baby played by the Bison Bridage Band, followed by their marching show Fueled by Ramen with a music selection of Some Nights, Victorious, and Irresistible.

¨I feel the crowd was very pleased with our performance,¨ assistant drum major Omar Almeida said. ¨There´s always room for improvement, though.¨

Shortly after the halftime performances, the football players returned to the field, eager to wrap up the night with another victory. Buffalo stepped up their game in the third quarter with 14 points from the offense and zero points allowed from the defense.

This victory bumped their record 4-0 while Gateway Charter Academy´s record moved to 0-3.

¨The competition was fairly easy,¨ sophomore Brett Hoffman said ¨It was still an important game for the season.¨