Student Spotlight: Chase Thompson


Andrea Garcia

Stadium lights shine brightly on the field. The players breathing heavily with their eyes set on their opponents as they get down, ready to snap the ball. Chase Thompson runs over to the quarterback and sacks him before he can throw the ball. The game ends with the Bison taking the win.

Chase Thompson dominates the football field and annihilates opponents in a popular video game called Fortnite. He is a talented young man all around with a lot of potential who dedicates much of his time to improving his game. In fact, he attended a football camp for three days called Arubia in Las Vegas for long snapping.

“Throughout the camp, I learned a lot of new techniques that I can apply to the game,” Thompson said. “It’s always interesting to learn from higher level coaches and athletes.”

Thompson said the trip was memorable because it was his first time in Vegas. He met many talented young men whom he learned a lot from.

“I made a lot of new friends in Vegas,” Thompson said. “They were all very different but all had one thing in common – the love for the game.”

At the local level, Thompson plays defensive end for the school football team. He was named district defensive MVP, as well, as second team all-state.

“Chase is a great leader on the field,” junior Luis Porras said. “He is very determined and works very hard 100% of the time. He deserves that level of recognition.”

Football is not the only sport he plays, though. He is equally talented in baseball. He is a versatile player, playing catcher, first base, and pitcher.

“I’ve played baseball my whole life,” Thompson said. “I’ve always played for Buffalo, but during off-season I played for a select team in the Brazos area called Twelve.”

During his free time, Thompson enjoys fishing alone in peace while the weather is warm. On average he spends about two hours fishing; he says it is his way to get away from society and relax in peace.

“Fishing is like my therapy when I need to get away from everything,” Thompson said. “Everyone has their has of relieving stress and fishing happens to be mine.”

Like every other kid his age, Chase, is obsessed with playing video games, specifically Fortnite. He says he can go hours playing against his friends without getting bored.

“Fortnite is a very popular game,” Thompson said. “At first, I did not know what the hype was all about but once I started to play I was hooked.”